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ipad repair
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iPad 5 (2017) Screen/Digitizer Replacement: $125

iPad 5 (2017) Battery Replacement: $75

iPad 5 (2017) LCD Replacement: $130


iPad 6 (2018) Screen/Digitizer Replacement: $125

iPad 6 (2018) Battery Replacement: $75

iPad 6 (2018) LCD Replacement: $140

iPad 7 (2019) Screen/Digitizer Replacement: $125

iPad 7 (2019) Battery Replacement: $75

iPad 7 (2019) LCD Replacement: $150

iPad 8 (2020) Screen/Digitizer Replacement: $125

iPad 8 (2020) Battery Replacement: $85

iPad 8 (2020) LCD Replacement: $150

Prices include parts and labor. Add $30 for a curbside repair anywhere in Chittenden County.

iPad Mini 1 Screen Replacement: $120

iPad Mini 2 Screen Replacement: $120

iPad Mini 3 Screen Replacement: $125

iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement: $140

iPad Mini 5 Screen Replacement: $160


If you don't see your iPad listed, Contact Us today for a repair estimate!



There are a wide variety of non-Apple tablets! For anything not listed, find your device's Model Number and contact us to receive a repair estimate. The Model Number is found by going to Settings > About






The Digitizer or Touchscreen is the very top layer of the screen that tracks touch. It's made of glass or composite material.

If your Digitizer is broken, you may experience loss of touch control or "ghost touch".

The LCD is underneath the Digitizer and displays image.

If your LCD is broken, you may see black spots or lines that get in the way of what you're looking at.

On certain Tablets the Digitizer and LCD are fused, which means they both get replaced if a screen repair is needed.

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