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Windows Computers represent an estimated 85% of all computers in use today! As a result, parts and repairs are widely available no matter the make or model. Laptops, Desktops, Netbooks, All-in-Ones, Gaming PCs and more.
If you don't see your issue described below, or if your computer is just slow, contact us for a repair estimate!

Other Services:

Custom PC Builds

RAM Upgrades
Liquid Damage
Laptop Speaker/Microphone Repair

WiFi Issues
Computer Overheating
Webcam Replacement
Cooling Fan Replacement

Computer Recycling

pc repair in vt 2.png


Desktop/Laptop Hard Drive Replacement: $115 - $225

Desktop/Laptop Virus & Malware Removal: $75
Desktop/Laptop Windows OS Reinstall: $99

Desktop/Laptop Data Recovery: $50 - $125

Desktop/Laptop Data Migration: $75

Desktop/Laptop Liquid Damage Repair: $99-$199

Laptop Cracked Screen Repair: $125 - $350*
Laptop Keyboard Replacement: $125 - $250*

*Price depends on computer make and model as well as part cost

Level 1 Diagnostics:

(Check Hard Drive Health, Test Hardware and Software Functionality, Diagnose Power Issues)

$60 for Desktop/Laptop
The Diagnostic Fee will be waived if a repair is authorized.


PC Pit Stop:

(Level 1 Diagnostics + Startup Clean, Dust Removal, System Updates, Reapply Thermal Paste, Stress Test, Junk Cleanup):
$99 for Desktop PC
$125 for Laptop or All-in-One PC


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