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Components Inside of Mobile Phone



Fixing smartphones, computers and tablets requires more than good repair methods. Understanding which parts are best and where to find them is critical. Part Quality can make the difference between a repair that lasts a month versus a repair that holds up for years.

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When it comes to smartphones, computers and tablets, each manufacturer produces devices that have unique characteristics - just like car makers. Understanding the repair methods and quirks for every type is something that has to be learned the hard way. With years of experience across a wide range of devices, we're well-equipped to help no matter the situation.

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Here at Wizard Tech, we're committed to making device repair as easy as possible for you. That's why we've designed our services and policies to be honest, efficient, and straightforward.
This means:

- Estimates are given before any work is done

- If there's a low chance of success, we will advise against a repair

- No hidden fees or charges

- Realistic repair timeframes are always communicated ahead of time


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