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Open up any Apple Computer made after 2008 and you'll find something unique - the body is milled aluminum and the structural elements are made of steel. This lengthens the lifespan of the mechanical parts and improves heat dissipation. But all machines need maintenance - check out our repair services below to find the right fix for your Mac.

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OSX Operating System Reinstall: $89

Macbook Virus/Malware Removal: $75

Macbook Trackpad Repair: $75 - $125

Macbook Webcam Repair: $75 - $125

Macbook Speaker Repair: $75 - $125

Macbook Keyboard Replacement:$99 - $250

A1278 Macbook Pro (2009-2012) Screen Replacement: $149 - $325
A1425 Macbook Pro (2012-2013) Screen Replacement: $199 - $499

A1502 Macbook Pro (2013-2015) Screen Replacement: $249 - $599

A1369 Macbook Air (2010-2011) Screen Replacement: $229 - $450

A1466 Macbook Air (2012-2015) Screen Replacement: $199 - $399

A1932 Macbook Air (2018-2019) Screen Replacement: Call For Current Price

Macbook Liquid Damage: contact us for a repair estimate


There are many Apple computer variants. To get a repair estimate, find your Mac's Serial Number and get in contact with us.

The serial number is important to the repair process because it tells us the year, make and model of the computer. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate repair estimate.

One way to find your Mac's Serial Number is to click on the Apple Logo (in the top left of the screen) and then select About This Mac



If you have a Macbook, you can find the Serial Number printed on the bottom



If you have an iMac, the Serial Number is located on the bottom of the pedestal


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